Free Medical Marijuana Cards

Get your free medical marijuana card right from the comfort of your couch.

Online Evaluation

Use your phone to talk with a licensed doctor online.

Get Approved

Your digital recommendation activates instantly so you can use it the same day.

Browse Marketplace

Shop for your favorite brands, dispensaries and deliveries.


Chat with a doctor

It's really simple. No appointments, no wait time and no cost. You might say it is too good to be true.

Video Chat

Our video and voice chat lets you easily communicate with one of our medical marijuana doctors.

Free Consultation

We want you to enjoy your recommendation and not get bogged down by unnecessary fees.

Instant Delivery

It is instant because there is nothing to deliver. Our recommendations are completely digital and become activated after your approval.

Built for your phone

Say goodbye to those pesky med cards. Our app lets you take your recommendation everywhere you go, digitally.

Mobile App

We take away the hassle of having to carry around a certificate or med card.

QR Code

Your personalized patient QR code makes walking into a dispensary a breeze.


Our marketplace lets you browse your favorite dispensaries, brands and deliveries.

Explore our marketplace

Haze really is your all-in-one stop for medical marijuana. Browse your favorite dispensaries, brands and deliveries in the app.


View storefronts in your area along with product menus, deals and more.


Find your favorite brands and locate the nearest places to buy their products.


Have your purchases delivered straight to the front door with your favorite delivery services.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are your recommendations really free?

Yep, they are 100% free. No one should have to pay for a physician recommendation. Save that money and spend it on what really matters.

Why are the recommendations digital?

We at Haze don't like having to carry around bulky certificates, let alone small med cards that are easily forgettable.

What is Haze?

Haze is the first and only service that lets you get your medical marijuana card for free online.

When will Haze be available?

Join the waitlist and find out! You will get early access to our app when we launch in California.